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The tradition of hospitality in the Predeal area begins after 1700, when here, on the border between Wallachia and the Habsburg Empire, the Ruja Inn and the Gura Râşnoavei Inn are built. They have always been burned and rebuilt.
Only at the beginning of the 20th century did hotels of the type of large and sustainable constructions appear: the Predeal hotel, the Tucek hotel and the Palace-Predeal hotel. The first two hotels will be demolished and the last one still exists today, but it is known as the Porumbiţa villa.

At the beginning of the third decade of the last century, on the place where today is the Carmen Hotel, three imposing constructions appear in the Predelean landscape, all being known under the generic name of “General Demetriu's Villas”. The villa on the street, which was also the grandest, was called "Vila Carmen". All these were built between 1928-1930 by General Demetriu, on a plot of land bought from the Royal House.

In a short time, the villa on the main street, in addition to the accommodation, will also include a hairdresser, hairdresser, bodega-restaurant, all reunited under the name of Carmen, a name that will be identified in time with Predelean tourism. Carmen has become a brand over time, a clear, uninvented tradition, a continuation of the hospitality under the Cetăţuia hill, initially started by Ruja's inn.
After 1937, this complex of three villas changes its owner, and "Vila Carmen" unlike the other two smaller ones, is demolished to the ground, being affected by a strong fire.

From 1939, on the place of the former Carmen villa, which had a neo-Romanian style architecture, another Carmen villa emerged, with a mountain style architecture, a place where the current King Mihai arrived quite often. On the occasion of King Mihai's passage through Predeal, in the 2000s, he fondly remembered the Carmen Hotel, stopped at it and signed the book of honor.

After the communists came to power, Villa Carmen was nationalized and transformed into a rest home.

In the 1960s, the villa was given the name Hotel Predeal, so that in the 1970s it returned to its old name.

In “Mic Îndreptar Turistic-Predeal”, a book written by Maria Rodica Niculescu and published in 1988 by Sport-Turism, we find on the pages with views and a view of the Carmen Hotel, about which the author says: “The well-known Carmen Hotel, the heart of once of Predeal ”.

Carmen Hotel has kept its structure over time, being often repaired, until 2011, when it was partially demolished, in order to build a new building, with European funds. The history of this place can also be read in the books "100 steps in time, another kind of guide about Prahova Valley and Bucegi Natural Park" and "Predeal through your eyes, a book about then, about now and for the future".
Today, the Carmen Hotel presents itself in a new guise, after years of work, efforts and all kinds of personal sacrifices, both from the owners and the old staff.

Predeal, Str Mihail Saulescu, Nr.121,
Brasov county

Tel / Fax: +40 (268) 456 517

The swimming pool, Jacuzzi and Bowling Alley are closed!
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